Dr. Shendge R. S.
Sanjivani Junior College, Kopargaon.

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man” With this line Vivekananda preached the world. Education is something which is inherent and latent in us. It only requires an ignition in the mould of Guru, Friend, Philosopher and Guide. SRES’s Sanjivani Junior College, Kopargaon believes in it. It nurtures the same philosophy of a vedantic Gurukul where pupils are treated from each and every best possible ways.Sanjivani is undoubtedly an another name of Trust in the arena of Academics in rural Maharashtra and under the same flagship, Sanjivani Junior College brings forth and fosters the youngsters by providing the right path and an appropriate light of education.With the introduction of  HSC level, Sanjivani Junior College puts emphasis on competitive examinations: NEET, JEE Mains and MH-CET which stands uniquely unparalleled in comparison to the other institutions in the vicinity. Academics, Activities and Ambience, Sanjivani Junior takes care of all of these three positively.”