Facilities Provided For Hostel Candidates

  • Solar water heating System : To provide hot water for bath solar water heater systems are installed in various hostel as follows. 
Name of the hostelSolar system Capacity (in liters)
A34000 Liters
A44000 Liters
A54000 Liters
A65000 Liters
G110000 Liters
G24000 Liters
G34000 Liters
  • In addition to solar systems boilers are installed in every hostel.
  • To provide cool and pure drinking water coolers & RO purifiers have been installed in every hostel.
  • TV halls with TV are available in all hostels.
  • 24 Hours round the security is provided to all hostels.
  • Daily News papers are kept in every hostel.
  • Residential rectors are available for each hostel to maintain discipline & to attend any emergency in the hostel.
  • Generator back up is available in case of power failure from electricity board.
  • Medical facility is available for inmates of hostel.
  • Lighting Arrestor is available to protect it from thunderstorms & lightning strikes.
  • Wi-fi facility available in Hostels
  • Open Gym for Girls Hostel.
  • Mess Facility for boys and girls.
  • In Emergency Ambulance is available.

Boys Hostel Capacity

Name of HostelUsed For ClassNo. of RoomsCapacityNo of students AdmittedExclusive/Shared
Sant Tukaram HostelSY6118665Shared
Sant Janardhan Swami HostelSY& TY6318944+15=59Shared
Swami Vivekanand HostelTY &BE4718862+46=108Shared

Girls Hostel Capacity

Name of HostelUsed For ClassNo. of RoomsCapacity of HostelNo of students AdmittedExclusive /Shared
Sant Muktai HostelTY & BE74136+160=29659+57=116Shared
Shri Sai Baba Hostel 1FY2510071Shared
Shri Sai Baba Hostel 2SY3012071Shared

Total Number of Students Accommodated in Hostel

Total CapacityNo of students Admitted
Grand Total1238566