Language Exchange

Language exchange is an activity where members of the club get paired up with someone who speaks the language which they want to learn. The pairs then take turn speaking in each other's languages, correcting each other and learning new vocabulary and grammar.

Cultural Events

Cultural events are a fun way to learn about the history and customs of the language you're learning. The club organizes events like movie nights, traditional food tastings, and cultural festivals to provide an immersive experience.


Debate is great for practicing language skills as it requires participants to articulate their arguments and opinions in a structured way. The club organizes debates on various topics, including current events, politics, and culture.

Language Games

Language games are a fun and engaging way to practice language skills. The club organizes games like Scrabble, Hangman, and Word Association, among others.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers can provide valuable insights into the language and culture of the language being studied. The club invites speakers, such as professors or language experts, to talk about different aspects of the language and answer questions.

Language Immersion

Language immersion is an activity where members of the club immerse themselves in the language they are learning. This involves traveling to a country where the language is spoken or organizing language immersion weekends where members speak only the language they are learning.

Language Workshops

Language workshops are an opportunity for members to learn about specific topics related to the language they are learning. Workshops can be focused on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, or writing.

Language Buddy Program

The language buddy program is a system where members of the club pair up with someone who speaks the language they are learning fluently. The buddies can then practice speaking and listening with each other regularly.